What is EBF6? (click for video)EBF6_1

–EBF is exclusive breastfeeding

–6 stands for the first 6 months of your child’s life – the period of time when exclusive breastfeeding provides all of your child’s nutrition needs.

But that’s not all!! EBF, especially EBF6 provides the following FOR FREE:

Reduced risks of illness from: ear infections diarrhea allergies obesity

Reduced risks of death from: SIDS Necrotizing enterocolitis Cancer

AND Mom has reduced risks of: Diabetes Cancers Postpartum depression!

EBF6 because it’s your right

The federal government protects your right to breastfeed on all federal property, because it knows how important breastfeeding is for you and your children.

Many states have additional laws to protect breastfeeding, and the WIC program encourages breastfeeding for optimal infant and child health, providing support and advice to WIC mothers.

EBF6 for the health of your family

It’s beneficial to take time off from work to breastfeed your child, because you will miss less time later (fewer illnesses down the line). AND with breastfeeding you can save money – no expensive infant formulas, fewer visits to the doctor, no need for bottles, and your periods are delayed (save a few dollars on monthly hygiene products! And, if you useĀ LAM, save some money on family planning.)

Do you need more information or personal help with breastfeeding?

Please visit the following links:

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